Tim Dunne

Tim is a veteran of 32 years full-time military service in the Canadian Armed Forces public affairs branch, and 44 years of international, federal and provincial public- and private-sector communications experience. He has developed a unique communications practice that spans the full spectrum of professional communications, public affairs, and public relations practice, using his innovative train to need process.

Tim specializes in developing and implementing conventional and advanced techniques to foster sustainable, effective and ethical communications with government, regulatory agencies, the news media and the public, and professional and economic services on behalf of our clients, while advocating corporate social responsibility and the public interest.

Extensive experience as a public sector communications specialist in Canada, eastern and western Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, and north Africa makes him uniquely qualified to help organizations educate and inform their target audiences; develop communications strategies; provide staff with communications skills; monitor and analyze results of communication activities; and assess media perceptions on matters of interest.

Equally extensive experience creating and co-managing the international media centre for the 1998 crash of Swissair 111, and media centre administration and media relations in areas of conflict has given him a singular capacity to provide communication services in support of crisis and emergency situations.

His accomplishments include:

Chief of Media Operations -- NATO's Sourthern European Headquarters, Naples, Italy (2000-2004)
International communications strategist, lecturer and practitioner;
Accredited (APR) by the Canadian Public Relations Society;
Recipient of the Canadian Public Relations Society’s national Award of Excellence;
Recipient -- Privy Council citation for communications contributions during the Gulf War and Oka;
Recipient -- International Association of Business Communicators Gold Quill and Silver Leaf awards;
Academic advisor to the Canadian Defence Public Affairs Learning Centre;
Research fellow with Dalhousie University’s Centre for Foreign Policy Studies;
Atlantic Canada correspondent for the Frontline family of magazines;
Established and co-managed the international media centre for the crash of SWISSAIR 111 (1998);
Master of Arts (history and political science) from Royal Military College of Canada;
Assisted with training and certification of instructors at Macedonia's Training Communication Centre;
Proud recipient of the Republic of Bulgaria’s Order of Loyal Service.

His experience includes peacekeeping missions in Israel, Egypt, Syria and the Balkans. He served with NATO’s peace support missions in Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, and conducted numerous seminars and workshops in Mauritania, Austria, Algeria, Slovakia, Jordan and Italy. He held public affairs management and leadership positions, most notably with the International Media Centre for the recovery operations for Swissair flight 111 which crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1999, and with NATO led exercises in France, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

He conducted comprehensive media interview and media awareness training for senior DND, senior military personnel, federal public servants, and non-governmental agencies (1980 to 2009).

While assigned to NATO's southern European headquarters:

His awards and recognitions include:

Following his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces he was the Military Affairs Advisor for the Nova Scotia Government for several years, the first such position in Canada.

He retired from the Nova Scotia Government in 2009+. Since then, his work includes:


Tim joined the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies at Halifax's Mount Saint Vincent University as a part time professor in 2010 and has taught courses ranging from introductory to fourth year, including Ethics in Public Communication, Mass Communication, Communication Planning, and Advanced Public Relations Management. He has also written extensively about Canadian defence and strategic affairs.